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Sexual harassment in the workplace is serious and can turn a productive environment into a living nightmare. Tragically, many employees who have been forced to endure a first case of sexual harassment feel like they can never escape. They instead try to suffer silently, in fear that they might lose their careers and income to take care of their families. In reality, however, allowing sexual harassment to continue not only adversely affect emotional, physical, and mental well-being, but also places strains on workplace relationships, whether with supervisors or colleagues.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid the pain and discomfort of these situations if you work with a Tyler sexual harassment lawyer. Here at the Hommel Law Firm, I can fiercely defend your rights in court.

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

While many people believe that sexual harassment is primarily overt physical behavior, there are many forms of harassment.

A clear definition of the multiple kinds of sexual harassment has been provided by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which states that these kinds of harassment also include:

  • Any language or phrase that is unwelcome, such as innuendos, epithets, sexual invitations, derogatory sexualized jokes, or other unsolicited comments
  • Any visual messages or images which subtly or indirectly promote derogatory messages, which could include drawings, photos, emails, posters, stickers, or flyers
  • All unwelcome physical behavior, which can include groping, blocking, caressing, massages, sexual interference, imitative simulation of sexual activity, and sexual assault
  • Any type of threat, warning, or demand for an exchange of sexual favors in order to keep one’s job or continue in a position
  • Any hint or direct suggestion that offering sexual favors will increase a victim’s ability to receive employee benefits or a raise in salary or position

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Prohibition of Retaliation

One unfortunate effect of sexual harassment is that it creates an ongoing cycle of fear and dread, as the victim can be anxious that reporting cases of sexual harassment might lead employers to retaliate harshly. As a result, the crime never gets reported and the perpetrator simply continues to extend their unlawful bullying. It is important to realize that in reality, you are protected from any sort of retaliation for either reporting or even complaining about sexual harassment, and that no employer can attempt to punish you for doing what is right.

In the case that an employee is not able to recover payment for sexual harassment, perhaps for legal technicalities, that victim can still receive wages and compensation on account of any mental or emotional stress received due to illegal retaliation by the employer.

Halting Sexual Harassment

The most challenging step of the process is making up your mind to come forward. Do not accept the pain and cruelty of sexual harassment. Instead, let a Tyler sexual harassment attorney powerfully aid you in fighting the unfair behavior of your employer.

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